Appointment of Market Maker 26.03.2019

IKTINOS HELLAS SA – GREEK MARBLE INDUSTRY (hereinafter referred to as "COMPANY") informs the investing public that at the meeting held on 21.03.2019, the Listings and Market Operation Committee approved the acquisition of a market making license for the ATHEX Member EXAE ALPHA FINANCE INVESTMENT SERVICES S.A., on the shares of the Company, with commencement date on Monday, 1 April 2019. ALPHA FINANCE INVESTMENT SERVICES S.A., has signed a Market Making Agreement with the Company for one year.

From the commencement of the Market Making Agreement, the Market Maker undertakes to fulfill the obligations of the Market Making on the Company's Shares. These obligations are provided by current legislation, as amended each time. In particular, it undertakes through an own account to transmit on a continuous basis quotes that are entered simultaneously in the ATHEX system (a) the differences in price not exceeding the maximum price deviation provided by the ATHEX and b) for a number of shares, which should not be less per order of the respectively provided minimum quantity of shares, as calculated and announced by the ATHEX.

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