The environmental policy of IKTINOS HELLAS SA is in line with the environmental policy objectives of Greece and the European Union, the institutional interventions for climate change and the global requirements for the protection of the environment.

By adopting a new economic development model in which waste and the need for new resources will be reduced, which are abstracted at a high economic and environmental cost, but also by applying circular economy practices, IKTINOS HELLAS SA. ensures social well-being through the adequacy of natural resources, becoming more competitive and at the same time protecting the environment.

The company implements an environmental policy for harmonization with national and Community legislation, for the rational management of natural resources, for the prevention of pollution and for the continuous improvement of environmental performance. Continuous monitoring of environmental parameters, environmental objectives and targeted environmental investments generally contribute to tackling the challenges of climate change.

Underground Mining

Since 2018, IKTINOS HELLAS has applied, with satisfactory results, the method of underground mining achieving selective attack and extraction of the marble material and reduction in the environmental footprint. Through innovative methods and with the assistance of new technologies it is possible to extract from the core of the deposit higher quality marble and larger quantities of raw materials at the lowest cost. On the basis of its harmonious combination of surface and underground exploitation, the new method is more environmentally friendly since it does not alter the morphology of the mountain and does not need extensive restorations.

Biodiversity Protection

Having as its main goal the protection of Biodiversity, the company in cooperation with the competent authorities organizes targeted and systematic activities. The company systematically restores its marble quarries after the end of their mining activity, through tree planting, the restoration of vegetation by planting and/or sowing of suitable species (herbaceous, shrubby, etc.), as well as through the operation and maintenance of the irrigation network. The amounts for the above actions are guaranteed, since, the company submits relevant letters of guarantee.

Research projects and programs

  • Collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens for the development of an integrated system for monitoring surface and underground mining. This system will, among other things, assist in the increase of productivity, in protecting the employees of the company and the protection of the environment.
  • Cooperation with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and assignment of the preparation of a Special Ecological Assessment, in order to assess the impact of the expansion of an Existing Quarry in the Area of ​​Kechrokampos Nestos with underground exploitation in the bird fauna of the Special Protection Zone (SPA) of the Nestos Straits.
  • Cooperation with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and assignment of the preparation of the Geological/Mineral Deposits Study for the Expansion of an Existing Quarry exclusively through the Underground Exploitation in Kechrokampos Nestos, with the aim of calculating the geological Marble reserves, the viability of the underground project exploitation and achieving financial benefits for the company, the local society and the national economy.
  • Preparation of a Special Geotechnical Study for the extension of the Existing Volakas Quarry exclusively through Underground Mining

Rescue & Reuse of problematic marble blocks

In the context of implementation of circular economy practices, the implementation of a technologically innovative method for the rescue of problematic marble blocks, which are glued with resins and reused without damage and losses.

Biological treatment

IKTINOS HELLAS SA has installed and operates in all quarries and factories biological treatment of sewage and waste resulting from its activity, with a view to reusing them and protecting in this way the water resources of Greece.

Wind farm

The company already operates a wind farm in the area of ​​Drama with a capacity of 22 MW, indirectly contributing to the reduction of pollutants from power generation.

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