IKTINOS HELLAS SA is aware of its social role and has made its priority the sustainable development of local communities by supporting the local economy and implementing practices aimed in the gain of mutual benefits for the company and the society. By effectively supporting local bodies and socially vulnerable groups, it contributes to alleviating local issues, concerns and expectations and at the same time strengthens social cohesion.


Contributing to the preservation of the local population and combating unemployment

IKTINOS HELLAS SA employs 404 employees in the administration and production units in Attica, Drama and Kavala. It assists the local communities in which it operates, which are plagued by high unemployment rates, through the creation of new jobs, collaborations with external local contractors and other professional groups from the local community, etc. Most of the Group's employees are employed on full-time employment contracts.

In addition, it contributes to maintaining an economically active population in areas mainly in the quarry of Nestos (mountainous Kavala, Kechrokampos), which employs 40 workers, a large percentage of whom come from the local community of Lekani & Kechrokampos where there is no young economically  active population apart from those involved in livestock farming.


Ongoing consultation with local communities


The systematic and two-way communication with local communities is the basis for the evaluation and planning of our actions and practices, in the context of the management approach of Sustainable Development issues. The frequency of this communication ensures the effectiveness in prioritizing the issues that concern them in order to timely meet their expectations and needs.

Support of local bodies and organizations

IKTINOS HELLAS SA having taken into consideration the difficult economic and social conditions of recent years, supports through donations and sponsorships, a number of social organizations, local authorities, associations, organizations, Ecclesiastical Institutions, assisting in providing relief to vulnerable groups of local populations but also strengthening the field of health, sports, education etc.

In the evolving pandemic, the company offered to the Hospital of Drama, the necessary equipment for the operation of RT-PCR (system for the molecular detection of COVID-19) of a total cost of euros 44,000.

Indicatively for 2020


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