Internal Audit

The "Internal Control System" is defined as the set of control mechanisms and procedures that cover every activity of the Company on an ongoing basis and contribute to its efficient and secure operation, the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate operations, the reliability of financial information and compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

The company has an adequate and effective internal control system, with clearly recorded procedures, which aims at the effective management of its available resources, in accordance with the decisions of the Board of Directors and dealing with the most important risks.

Internal Control is an independent and objective assurance and consulting activity, designed to add value and improve the functions of an organization. It assists the organization to achieve its objectives by adopting a systematic, professional approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of Risk Management, Internal Control Systems and Corporate Governance procedures.

The Internal Audit Unit (IAU) constitutes an independent organizational unit within the Company, which monitors and improves the operations and policies of the Company regarding its Internal Control System. IAU is independent from the other business units of the Company and reports administratively to the Chief Executive Officer and operationally to the Audit Committee

Internal Regulation of Operation of the Internal Audit Unit

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