Human Resources

The operational approach of IKTINOS HELLAS SA is connected with the development, maintenance and strengthening of its human resources.

The success of the company at every level is due to its people, who with their dedication, professionalism and knowledge, provide a high level of service to customers and partners.

The company is committed in placing trust in the capabilities of its human resources, the development of their skills and capabilities, in an environment that promotes individual development in combination with the corporate result.


IKTINOS HELLAS SA implements responsible management practices for its human resources and ensures the creation of a modern and safe working environment of equal opportunities, following a merit-based evaluation system with a parallel concern for health and safety in the workplace. It is important to invest in the development and maintenance of high quality staff and the implementation of relevant training programs.

The active protection of human rights at work is a key method of operating the company and responding to the human resources, in addition to moral or legal obligations.

Board of Directors diversity, staff selection and non-discrimination

IKTINOS HELLAS SA implements a diversity policy in the Board of Directors & Senior Management Executives, which includes a number of elements such as gender, age, educational background, professional experience, skills. At the same time, an equal opportunities policy applies to all staff regardless of gender, age, race or nationality and no form of discrimination is tolerated.

Recruitment and evaluation processes are based on qualifications, performance and skills of candidates or employees without regard to gender, origin, race, religion, age, character or any other trait that can differentiate a person. The company emphasizes in the support and guidance of its employees, with the aim of maintaning jobs by offering indicatively in-house opportunities by moving staff to positions that it deems they will be more efficient, etc.

Remuneration, Benefits & Rewards

The company has designed a remuneration system, which rewards employees depending on their performance and the value they add to the company, while it is considered a given that there is no difference in wages regardless of gender. At the same time, great emphasis is placed on the recognition and reward of human resources at both individual and group level, in order to ensure their continuous development and their competitive advantage, through bonus programs, extra private hospital-pharmaceutical care, etc.

Continuous training and development of human resources

The company formulates its educational and development strategy every year, investing steadily in strengthening human resources at all levels, in order to achieve:

  • • Full utilization of the distinct abilities of each employee
  • • Ensure business continuity
  • •The promotion of a unified culture and strengthening the alignment of the value system and behaviors of human resources.
  • • Enhancing the knowledge of human resources, in the context of changing and continuous market demands.
  • • The company conducts seminars and training, as well as finances seminars and postgraduate courses (master), foreign language learning, etc.

Occupational Health

IKTINOS HELLAS SA invests in the continuous improvement of the working environment and the minimization of risks, in harmonization with international standards and Greek legislation, in order to manage all health issues and safety of human resources, in all aspects of work and activities, with particular emphasis on risk prevention.

In addition to the services provided by the Occupational Physician, the will of the Management for implementation of the Policies and the relevant Procedures, provides for the regular implementation of inspections and on-the-spot checks, during activities in all our facilities, the mandatory use of Personal Protective Equipment, the organization of regular seminars and special training on health and safety issues, the taking of risk prevention measures, where there is a need to control or reduce risk and the holding of a  “health and security week" annually, with the aim of committing everyone to continuous improvement.

Emergency response - COVID-19

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the country in March 2020, the plan and the health and safety guidelines were revised for tackling the crisis. Remote working was implemented at large, while employees, suppliers and customers were continuously updated. Special emphasis was given in disinfecting all the premises with disinfectants suitable for the pandemic, the necessary equipment (disinfectants, masks, gloves, etc.) was provided to employees, while the temperature measurement of those entering the company buildings and facilities was mandatory.

Safety inspections and emergency care

The carrying out of security inspections, which are carried out regularly, are intended to further contribute to the improvement of safety in the work place in all industrial facilities. At the same time, drills are performed, such as fire drills, for the alertness of human resources in such situations.

Taking of risk prevention measures

All activities in industrial facilities are performed based on the risk assessment for staff. Thus, where the need for control or risk reduction is identified, measures are taken to prevent the emerging risks, so as to reduce the risk at the lowest level practically possible. Indicative measures are:

  • • Personal protective equipment.
  • • Control procedures
  • • Information
  • • Additional training

All of the above policies ensure a healthy and safe work environment for the company.

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