The approach of IKTINOS HELLAS SA in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development is directly linked to its business structures and determines the way in which it chooses to proceed towards the achievement of continuous responsible development.

The strategic goal of IKTINOS HELLAS SA, is to ensure its sustainable operation and development, while meeting the requirements of stakeholders in a balanced way, providing its customers with mutually beneficial relationships and integrated, innovative and high quality services to its shareholders, conditions for the creation of new and added economic values, the protection of the environment and prosperity in society.

The company adopts and contributes to the implementation of the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), it incorporates in its strategy the 17 goals of the United Nations (17 Sustainable Development Goals), while at the same time aligning with the international guidelines for accounting, on sustainability reporting of the Global Reporting Initiative GRI-G4 Comprehensive Level, as well as the ESG 2019 Reporting Guide of the Athens Stock Exchange.


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