Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of seven members, of whom four of the members of the Board are executive members and three non-executive members, of which two are independent members.

The Board of Directors has the powers, responsibilities and duties provided by the Law, the General Meeting and the Articles of Association of the Company. Within the aforementioned frameworks, the Board of Directors is the body that exercises the management of the company.

The main responsibilities of the Board of Directors based on the Articles of Association and the Internal Operating Regulations of the company are the following:

  • • Determining the business strategy, designing the general practice of the company, creating a corporate culture.
  • • The implementation of the general corporate policy and the communication of the determined business goals to their subordinates.
  • • The evaluation of the proposals and recommendations of the Managers of the Departments.
  • • The approval of the business action plan and the annual budget.
  • • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness and implementation of the operational action plan.
  • • The management of the company assets and the representation of the company. The control and approval of the large capital expenditures, the investment plans to be implemented.
  • • Defining the risk management policy and creating a framework of actions.
  • • The existence of an adequate and effective Internal Control System.
  • • The integration of the principles of Corporate Governance in business practice and the supervision of the Internal Rules of Procedure, the Code of Corporate Governance and the Code of Ethics.
  • • Monitoring and resolving any issues of conflict of interest between executives, members of the Board of Directors and shareholders, including cases of mismanagement of assets or transactions with related parties.
  • • The compliance of the company's activities with the applicable legislation and Company practice.

Within the framework of the above powers and duties, the Board of Directors acts collectively and its relevant decisions are taken by all its members, regardless of their capacity as executive, non-executive or independent.

Rules Of Procedure Of The BoD

Suitability Policy For Members Of The BoD

Remuneration Policy

Annual Remuneration Report For The Members Of The BoD 2020

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