Determination of Essential Issues of Sustainable Development IKTINOS HELLAS SA

Determination of Essential Issues of Sustainable Development IKTINOS HELLAS SA

The interaction with the stakeholders is particularly important for the process of highlighting and prioritizing the essential issues of the company, as these issues significantly affect the implementation of its business policies and actions.

Therefore, in the process of identifying the essential issues, its stakeholders are actively involved and their expectations are taken into account. In this process, the company addresses issues related to its operation and which have the most significant economic, environmental and social impact.

The materiality analysis was performed through the following three phases:

Α. Recognition of Essential Issues

 In the first stage, we took into account the Stakeholder Participation Principle and the Sustainability Framework of the GRI Standards. We identified issues related to the economic, social and environmental impacts that the company creates with its business strategy, as well as the expectations of its stakeholders.

Β. Hierarchy of issues

 In the second stage of the analysis, the hierarchy of issues identified in the first stage emerged, according to the following two criteria:

Criterion 1: Prioritization of the recognized stakeholder expectations of the company, regarding its performance in matters of Sustainable Development. Consultation method: Interviews with stakeholder representatives.

Criterion 2: Prioritization of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SBA) of the UN, taking into account the impact they have on the company, according to its business model and activities.

Consultation method: Sending an electronic questionnaire to senior company executives and personal interviews

C. Ratification

 In the third stage, the results of the second stage were validated by the Company's Management.

In addition, in the process of materiality analysis, the company has combined the processes of Sustainable Development, Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management, developing a holistic approach.

  1. Financial Performance of the company
  2. Responsible policy for Society and the Market
  3. Reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  4. Ensuring the health, safety and well-being of employees
  5. Ensuring business ethics and regulatory compliance
  6. Enhancing employment
  7. Ensuring quality, infrastructure safety and business continuity
  8. Creating a healthy ecosystem of partners and a responsible supply chain
  9. Defending human rights at work
  10. Local Communities
  11. Adoption of recycling practices and circular economy

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