Announcement 11.10.2007

Further to today's article posted on entitled ‘’Iktinos Hellas: More than 50% of profits made from energy’’, we would like to inform the investing public that: 1. Based on the Management's calculations, the revenues from the exploitation of the first wind park that will be posted by the company after 2009, will amount to €3.3M, which of €3M will constitute gross profits. 2. In relation to the phrase "More than 50% of the net profit that Iktinos Hellas will post from 2009 onwards, it is expected to be coming from the energy sector where the company is expanding its business", the Company's position on this is that more than 30% of the net profits that will be appeared after 2009 will be coming from the energy sector where the Company is expanding its business. 3. In relation to the share capital increase by cash and more specifically the phrase “In order to fund this investment and the following investments that, Iktinos Hellas intends to increase its share capital through cash payment (in addition to obtaining a bank loan)”, we would like to clarify that the share capital increase by cash concerns its subsidiary IDEH S.A and not the listed company IKTINOS HELLAS SA.4. In relation to the corporate presentations held abroad, the Company has informed the investing public accordingly and such presentations have been posted on the Company’s website. For each new company presentation, the Company shall promptly inform the investing public.

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